Seminars/Workshops/Speaking Engagements:

Keynote and Speech Topics

  • High Touch Customer Satisfaction
  • In Defense of Free Markets – an Engineers View
  • Complexity in Markets, the Environment and the Real World

One and Two Day Seminars and Workshops


  • Strategic Planning
  • Scenario Planning
  • How to grow your company


  • How to develop a marketing plan
  • How to generate marketing leads
  • How to launch new product and services successfully
  • How to increase marketing lead generation
  • Using Social Media to drive leads and awareness


  • Key account and target account sales development and training programs
  • How to cold call management, set up appointments and create value up front
  • How to negotiate with management and close more deals
  • How to hire salespeople and increase their productivity
  • How to give an effective executive briefing, white board presentation or webinar How to sell key accounts and setup a pursuit sales team
  • Successful sales and marketing tradeshows
  • Salesperson time management and how to increase your sales success.
  • How to calculate sales quotas, create a sales plan and manage your sales team by metrics.
  • How to develop a reseller channel program successfully

Customer Satisfaction

  • Develop a high touch customer satisfaction program
  • Customer satisfaction measurement systems
  • Develop an Exemplary customer service culture
  • Social media for cost effective peer support and self service