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Every Company Can Grow Faster – Get the Growth Audit

Does inadequate growth keep you up at night? At times, virtually all companies face growth challenges. Whether it’s simply stalled growth or the bigger issue of declining revenue. Growing companies may believe even more growth is possible. Growth can be affected both by a company’s ability to generate new customers as well as a company’s ability to retain and grow existing customers. And, all parts of the organization can have a profound impact on growth.

A valuable first step companies can take is a quick audit of their ability to generate new business as well as retain and grow existing business. Via Strategy Group (VSG) developed the Revenue Growth Audit and Scorecard System (RGAS) in order to help companies quickly assess their current situation and develop a plan that can help them materially ramp up revenue. It’s important to note that every company is different and the successful application of RGAS needs to be adapted for each unique situation. RGAS has allowed some companies to double their growth rate and others to reverse a decade-long decline. The impact on the bottom line can be profound.

RGAS involves a quick but thorough audit of over 100 factors within the organization that affect revenue. RGAS can be completed in a few days. Based on the audit, recommendations are then developed along with a balanced scorecard that will ensure successful execution and tracking the recommendations. The outside view provided by VSG gives management a fresh perspective. Call or email to find out how RGAS can help you meet your growth objectives.


Sample Audit Questions

  1. Do you know if prospects find you hard to do business with?
  1. How extensively have you deployed digital interaction with prospects and customers?
  1. Do you use predictive analytics in sales and marketing?
  1. Do you provide appropriate content to support the customer’s journey?
  1. Have you explored other sales and distribution channels?
  1. Do you effectively use marketing automation?
  1. Have you identified internal impediments to sales – contacting, billing?
  1. Are your sales forecasts accurate?
  1. Do you have a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program?
  1. Do you track satisfaction measures such as NPS?




Via Strategy Group, LLC (VSG) has been successfully advising CEOs, Boards of Directors and other C-level executives on growth and turnaround strategies for over 35 years.  Call to get the audit.



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