Founded in 2007, Via Strategy Group, LLC (VSG) is a management consulting firm that works with senior executives, primarily presidents and chief executive officers of public and private companies. VSG specializes in increasing the value of client firms by generating growth and improving profitability. VSG has successfully helped companies significantly increase revenue through comprehensive programs that integrate all parts of the organization in the revenue capture process. Innovative customer satisfaction programs insure growing revenue from existing customers. VSG has helped investors capture significant value from turnarounds and troubled companies including several successfully emerging from Chapter 11 and Receivership.

The firm specializes in Corporate Strategy and Coaching, Marketing and Sales Programs, Support for Investors and Customer Satisfaction Programs. Using the copyrighted Value Forward method, we integrate financial management, marketing methodology, sales process, corporate strategy and operations into a unified outbound revenue capture program to help companies grow. VSG Principles average over 30 years of experience successfully leading organizations ranging from startups to large public companies.